Content Drives eDM Engagement

Subscriber engagement depends on quality content and targeted campaigns

By The eDM Factory & Content Bacon (other events)

Time to get your content right


With engagement numbers falling marketers need to focus on content to engage with subscribers.

David Barnes co-founder of The eDM Factory & Dave Kustin, co-founder of Content Bacon come together to tell you what needs to get done to drive engagement through creative and targeted content.

The eDM Factory and our partners, Noon Dalton & PipelineDeals have been working together to systemize a World beating outbound lead generation and conversion process that delivers outstanding results. As with anything, it is easier to reach success when the concepts are understood by all stakeholders.

At The eDM Factory we deliver outstanding campaign results for our customers. We build marketing and lead generation databases, we integrate eDM with the sales process to drive new business and we also increase revenue through better content marketing and engagement.

All of these concepts affect nearly every aspect of the sales and marketing process. These Webinars are free so please take some time and have a look at the learning outcomes for each event we have planned. Visit the Webinar site here.

If you aren’t targeting your customers and prospects with information that is timely and relevant to their preferences then you need register for these Webinars.



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